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He wakes up in the small hours to find her solitary figure under the moonlight of his window, looking out and into something he could never see. 


She looks sad and wistful and small, she looks like a fairy from a storybook, yearning to return to its old pages. The image of absolute melancholy, he thinks, and she had not even bothered to clothe herself.

To say that it breaks him would be a lie, but it comes dangerously close to. He is too…

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alright finished with the batch woohoo! 

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don’t look

(ryan belongs to hika)

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Boyles throw some wild parties man

Well they did succeed.. kinda. And I swear I had something serious planned but then I just…. yeah. This was funnier in my head, someone should take the photoshop away from me

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Sakura Con 2014 RECAP

Message me if you guys stopped by my (Hikazio’s) AA table (502) and we had a long chat about vidya gammeesssss!! I want to follow you guys back and keep up with your blogs!

Also commissioners (from con and digital), fret not! Check your email by the end of the week - and I’ll have an update on how things are going down :D

Other than that, I had a FANTASTIC experience at Sakuracon 2014 this year and met some amazingly interesting folks to talk to, both artists and con-goers.

Photos and longer update coming later, but this has definitely boosted my confidences in art// as well as defined what my weaknesses and room for improvement are.

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team old man babysits a bunch of kids and their pet cat icon set

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WIP of modern assassin key chains that I’m going to sell at sakuracon!


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I’ll be at SakuraCon2014 Artists Alley

Come say hi if you guys are going!!
If you know me by my tumblr user name maybe I’ll throw in a small goody, who knows.

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