Bizzaro Sarkeesian.

  • Uses actual research
  • Academic facts
  • Video released on time
  • Doesn’t need 30,000 dollars to make a video

She’s pro-gamergate, pro-equality, pro-gamer and a feminist.

You guys probably know by now that I’m not the most vocal person on tumblr, but something about this video really grated at me. So much that HEY, I’m gonna step onto my soapbox. 

Here are my issues with this video:

1) “Uses actual research” 

You mean she cherry picks her favorite results from online sources, and maybe even doesn’t actually READ her OWN ARTICLES that she linked. I mean … did any of the 500 of you who reblogged/liked her video actualy read the articles she posted? 

ie. the first link that she posted is this one. 

The first bolded short description under the title reads 

"Studies provide converging evidence that exposure to media violence is a significant risk factor for aggressive and violent behavior." 

Not to mention the rest of the article goes to counter all of her ideas about there being a lack of evidence between aggression and violent video games. 

2) “Gamers break stereotypes and play as equals” 





To Do 




Oh, and I tried watching the other video she linked called “Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Gender Roles in Video Games” 

It’s a train wreck of an argument that I’m not even going to go into. 

3) Research conducted on socializing practices and the identity of a “gamer” 

Aside from the fact that she says she “DEBUNKS” a myth solely based on a single survey analysis (of unknown origin) stating gamers wanted more in-person social interaction.. she talks about how video games PROBABLY could be a positive asset towards developing social skills through MMO’s and co-operative games. 

No Comment

4) “Being a gamer makes you a good person.”

I’m trying very hard not to take a side on this because there are PLENTY of CREDIBLE research done to show how video games really could be a positive experience for many people. HOWEVER, what this vlogger doesn’t realize is that there is plenty of damning evidence to show a multitude of social issues rises from popular media like video games. As much as video games might make you a great person, it might even make you a shittier person. 

What this vlogger fails to provide is any kind of acceptance that these social issues exist, which really could have made her argument… coherent or credible at the very least. Or you know, she really could have done better research. Yeah that would have probably helped.

Just be careful when you guys are watching or reading heavily biased or opinionated posts like these that claim to use “academic facts” you guys. Its really all I’m trying to say without getting into the politics of the whole gamergate issue. 

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This is a serious game, for serious people. 

(The reference is kinda obvious but yeah.)

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From Aoi Honoo (Blue Blaze) japanese drama TV series based on manga by Kazuhiko Shimamoto and featuring Hideaki Anno student character (gif sources : 1 2 3).

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What mom did just say about playing with her battle coat, Morgan?

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Anonymous said: What would Corvo look like with a bun?


he would look adorable

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This is my favorite comic series and Aja and Hollingsworth are a huge part of that.  This little twitter exchange made me smile.

Also, Aja was referring to the final version of the page.  He previously posted the first thumbnails, the initial sketch, a more refined sketch, and the final inked version.

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top two are sketches from today (thanks for the three word ideas, couldn’t use them, but i’ll keep them in mind for next time)

bottom ones are just random stuff I drew after doing commissions to treat myself. 

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